Fearless Freedom Fighters, who are committed to replace all Ruling Class with “Certified Constitutional Candidates” are invited to send your one-minute-million-dollar spot (862-505-9081) to inspire your friends and fellow New Jerseyans to join the team to restore our “inalienable” rights, beginning in New Jersey with the “Crossroads Election of 2019,” which will serve as a trailblazer for the “Crossroads Election of 2020.”


By demonstrating for all America how New Jerseyans can stand united, and place our founding principles above party  politics, we will restore the “inalienable” rights of children, parents and taxpayers, over and above self-serving bureaucrats.

You voice of reason, unity and principle will add strength to “Tear down this wall” that stands between liberty-loving Americans and our Freedom from a hidden Politburo, who are determined to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of all society and generations to come. 

There is no better time than now to join with all liberty-loving Americans to restore “one nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all.”