Michael Bollentin for New Jersey Assembly LD 14

Clenard H Childress Jr, for New Jersey Assembly LD 34


Edward Durr, for New Jersey Assembly LD 3

Tricia Flanagan, for U.S. Senate from New Jersey.

Maria Concepcion Powell for New Jersey Assembly LD 17

Flanagan, summed up both the problem we face and the solution. "The citizenry are being grossly overtaxed and underserviced in blatant violation of the Constitution. New Jersey spends an average of $20,385 annually to educate a child in K-12 , with one district as high as $60,129! Far too many of these children are being miseducated, and indoctrinated to a culture that conflicts with our founding principles.


“There are excellent religious schools doing far better with well under $10,000 per child! We can no longer stand by silently while a ‘fourth branch of government’ –unconstitutionally established by President JFK- has led our children to a new culture, where individuals decide their own morality, as is now being played out in Trenton and Washington.


“Now that we find ourselves in the age of Social and Digital Media, we can accomplish so much more with our influence. We can all help raise a clarion call to restore the grass roots movement of a decade ago. We can unite as one.

“Each of us is now empowered to call and write all who seek our vote, supporting our winning strategy for REAL CHANGE. We are joining forces across all ethnicities and parties to elect only Certified Constitutional Candidates. Candidates for all positions are invited to certify themselves as standing for our ‘inalienable’ rights.

“Candidates running for any positions in New Jersey, both in the election of 2019 and that of 2020, will stand out among opponents by being the first to certify themselves and also join my Constitution Caucus initiative. Everyone can help build this lifesaving and nation-saving team of Certified Constitutional Candidates by spending just a few minutes a day to pass on the light of Liberty and Justice.


“Sadly, current Senator Cory Booker has done none of what he promised to do and has failed to establish Parental Choice in Education. In stark contrast, I fully support the “Civil Rights Act for Equal Educational Opportunity” which serves as today’s Emancipation Proclamation for many thousands of children now trapped in schools that condemn them to a life of misery, poverty, dependency, and in many cases, incarceration.

“Please join me in my support of President Trump, and a call to Congress to fulfill the 2016 campaign promise to deliver full Parental Choice in education. Quick sponsorship and passage of the proposed Civil Rights Act for Equal Educational Opportunity is the quickest antidote to the Deep State’s extreme liberal assault on our American education system.


“The grass roots movement that sprung up spontaneously in early 2009, and was silenced by the IRS in 2012, is now needed more than ever. Americans of all stripes and parties have had it with a government that is in constant battle with American Values, offering hardly a care for the suffering of so many poor and helpless children and families. We can all come to their aid by raising our voices for good and electing true Constitutional Conservatives to lead this charge in Washington.


“The Resolution I signed takes us back to a time when Congress actually followed the Constitution and revered the Declaration of Independence. In just 100 words, the “Civil Rights Act for Equal Educational Opportunity” rescues millions of children from schools that have abandoned the most basic of educational principles — respect, discipline and teaching right from wrong. Please call on all your elected officials to support this, and please support me in the 2020 GOP Primary election next June, the 2020 General Election next November, and all Constitutional Candidates running in November this year.

“If you belong to a group that meets on behalf of the community, please share this with them.  Let’s make our strong voices heard — Together we can restore our nation to true Unity, with Liberty and Justice for all.”